steroid (plural steroids)

  1. (biochemistry) a class of organic compounds having a structure or 17 carbon atoms arranged in four rings; they are lipids, and occur naturally as sterols, bile acids, adrenal and sex hormones, and some vitamins; many drugs are synthetic steroids
  2. (bodybuilding): anabolic hormone used to promote muscle growth.

7 letters in word "steroid": D E I O R S T.

Anagrams of steroid:

Words found within steroid:

de dei deist di die dies diet diets dire direst dirt dirts dis dit dite dites dits do doe doer doers does doest doit doits dor dore dories dorise dors dorse dort dorts dos dose doser dost dot dote doter doters dotes dotier dots drest dries driest droit droits dso ed edit editor edits eds eidos er eros ers erst es est estro et id ide ides ids io ios ire ired ires is iso it its od ode odes odist ods oe oes oi or ord ords ore ores ors ort orts os ose osier re red redo redos reds rei reis reist res resid resit resod rest ret rets rid ride rides rids riot rioted riots rise rit rite rites rits rod rode rodes rods roe roed roes roist rose rosed roset rosied rosit rost rosted rosti rot rote roted rotes roti rotis rots sed sei seir ser set si side sider sir sire sired sit site sited so sod sord sore sored sori sort sorted sortie sot sri st sted stie stied stir stire stired store stored stride strode te ted teds tes ti tid tide tides tids tie tied tier tierod tiers ties tire tired tires tiro tiroes tiros tis to tod todies tods toe toed toes toise tor tore tores tori tories tors torse torsi tose tosed tres tride trie tried tries trio triode trios triose trod trode trodes trods trois